A taste of home

October 18, 2010




Recently my parents came out to visit. Nice thing about being a freelance designer is that I could spend lots of time with them. A wonderful surprise from them was a taste from home. I grew up in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Not to far outside of Milwaukee, but far enough. One of my favorite things growing up was to go to Patterson Orchards. I remember being so excited to go there with my Mom and Dad. Maybe it was the joy of getting a caramel apple or the adventure of finding just the right apple. One of my favorite things was getting their apple cider. Some thing about their cider, makes it hands down the best cider I have ever had. The other thing I remember is my Mom and Dad making the cider into spiced cider. I have always known and used the Aspen Mulling Company for making spiced cider.

When they brought me the cider, I knew right away that I would make spiced cider. I knew if we went to Boulder, CO there was a good chance I could find the Aspen Mulling Spices. Found the spices at The Peppercorn. Great store in Boulder, CO that is all about the kitchen. So many cookbooks. When I go there, its like a cooks heaven. So many different options for tools. Also, the colors in the store make one excited.

After my parents left for home, I made the cider. The taste alone put a huge smile on my face as when ever they leave, I get sad. The smell and the warmth of the cider brings me back to when I was a kid. Not sure what I will do to get my fix when my parents move. But at least I can still get this taste every once and a while.

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