Beer, rubber duckies and some biking thrown in!

July 29, 2010




Last Sunday, Mike and I rode in the Urban Assault Ride . What a FUN race. It started out a few days earlier with having to figure out a mystery check point and a very difficult quiz. The quiz helped with which position you were to start in. We were lucky. Got a score of 80. This got us in to the first wave. To give you an idea of what the race was… watch this!

I think the person that made that video summed up the event quite well. The rubber duckies and the ride at Eliches (we did the water ride) were my favorite parts of the day.

Once we finished the race it was on to the beer and watching the silly contests.

And really enjoying the beer

AND you can’t forget about the bike WITH a beer tap!

This weeks color palate comes from the UAR logo, beer and the rubber ducky

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