So Just Who am I?

Prestige and Power.

I find my self constantly wanting to learn what is next and taking things to the next level. I also have found that I like to take the lead, be it in a meeting or out with a group of friends. Currently I am looking to push my career into the art direction or creative direction world. I have taken tests to find your strengths such as Strengthfinder 2.0 and Sally Hogshead’s F-Score test. With the F-Score I found out that my two triggers are prestige and power. What exactly does that mean?


This means I am:
Ambitious • Detail-oriented • Recognized • Uncompromising • Focused

  • People recognize me as an achiever and/or expert.
  • I influence people through my high expectations of myself and others.
  • I constantly envision ways to improve and upgrade.


This means I am:
Confident • Goal-Oriented • Influential • Opinionated • Decisive

  • I influence others with self-assured ideas and action.
  • I energetically tackle big goals, giving me the potential to motivate large groups.
  • People instinctively look to me for cues of how to behave.

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  • User Interface
  • User Exerience
  • Print Standards
  • EPUB
  • WordPress
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • iOS/Objc
  • Android/Java
  • git
  • subversion

Interested in learning more? Send me a note.