Ditching the car

June 8, 2011




This summer, I have decided to try to park my car as much as possible. Currently where I am temping is 35 miles away. 70 miles each day starts to add quickly. In order to get around town I needed to pick up a solid bike. I started my search this spring and my luck turned up a great deal. I found a 2010 Kona Paddy Wagon for a great price. So far I love the bike. Not a big fan of the handle bars, but that can be changed for a small amount of money. I am also riding this bike with a single gear, not ready to ride fixed yet.

2010 Kona Paddy Wagon

When I say park my car, I mean I will not use it for trips to the grocery store or to go grab frozen yogurt. This even means riding my bike to a coffee shop or else where to get out of the home office. To help with this, I picked up the Mission Workshop Vandal backpack. This bag is HUGE! I can even carry a gallon of milk, 2 bags of hash browns plus lots of other things with no problems. There is a section that zips out so the bag can expand. Lots of padding on the back and the straps help. I ended up having to get this bag due to the size of my laptop.

It might not make a huge difference in my carbon foot print or a big dent in my gas consumption, but I am having a blast getting around town on my adventures. I wonder just how many miles I can get in on my bike this summer?

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