Breaking Into the World of Public Speaking

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Come join me on Feb 5th for Boulder Learning iOS MeetUp – AutoLayout. I will be teaching AutoLayout, providing sample code and doing live demos. Also, come join me on March 25th for Boulder iOS Developer Meetup – AutoLayout. I will be presenting a talk about demystifying AutoLayout.

What does it mean to design?

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So many times,  I’ve been asked, “what exactly do you do?” My typical response is, “I am a graphic designer”. To be honest, asking what I do is a loaded question. Designers do so much more than just drawing a pretty picture or making your ideas a reality. We think about how things go together […]

A Designer That Can Code?

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Many colleagues over the last few months have said, “a designer that can code is a rare thing”. True I can code html, css, css3 and html5,  however fully understanding JavaScript is a whole new beast for me. I find that coding and designing dynamic websites are like a giant puzzle. And, I like puzzles. It […]

Out with the Old and in with the New

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So where have I been for the last several months? I have been learning how to code. It has been a crash course. I am doing this so I can understand how web pages are built and truth be told it is a lot of fun. So far I am getting really good at HTML, CSS, […]

Ditching the car

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This summer, I have decided to try to park my car as much as possible. Currently where I am temping is 35 miles away. 70 miles each day starts to add quickly. In order to get around town I needed to pick up a solid bike. I started my search this spring and my luck […]

Product Review – 2010-2011 Scarpa Gea Women’s Alpine Touring Ski Boot

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A few weekends ago, I went out on a little hut trip to break in my new Scarpa Gea boots. Now I do not recommend breaking in your boots with a 7ish mile skin in to the Eisman hut but they worked like a dream! They are marketed as the lightest 4 buckle boot (2 […]

Stepping outside the box, instructing something I love

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Learning more about the things that I love is very important to me. This season I have taken on a new challenge, ski instruction. I want to learn more about skiing and snowboarding to get a better feel for what my clients are looking for. If you know me, you know that I am crazy […]

Changing my body, one day at a time

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My latest adventure has been to get my body in shape. After I finished college, I stopped walking all the time. I drove every where and after my knee injury I gained lots of weight, not a good thing when I am so active. So I decided to do something about it. I decided to […]

A taste of home

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Recently my parents came out to visit. Nice thing about being a freelance designer is that I could spend lots of time with them. A wonderful surprise from them was a taste from home. I grew up in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Not to far outside of Milwaukee, but far enough. One of my favorite things […]

What a difference a year makes…

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Bryan sent me an email today with the reminder on his phone. Last year while eating Pho with my friend Bryan, I made a bet. The bet was that in 1 year from that day I will be a solo freelance designer. If this did not happen, I was to pay him $100. We left […]