Weekly adventures: Part 1

June 17, 2010




Now that I have been laid off for a week or so I have been thinking about what to do with my self. I have started the process of networking and finding new clients, BUT I need something to keep my mind going. My brother and I decided to start going on weekly adventures. We plan on switching it up on where we go. Only rule is, we have fun. I also thought about looking at the world around me. Looking at the colors. So, along with these weekly adventures, I will be posting a weekly color palate to go with these adventures.

This week, Ryan and I went to Maxwell Falls, just outside of Evergreen, CO. This was a quick hike once we got there. Ryan and I could not find the trailhead. We pulled over near where we thought it was supposed to be. Looked on my trusty iPhone and same thing, we were right there, BUT WHERE WAS IT?!

We pulled out of the parking lot and there it was. Right next to where we had stopped.  We unloaded our trusty companion, Scout (Mikes dog) and went on our way. Just like the description said it was a shaded trail the whole way. Not to exciting of a hike, but it was just nice to get out and away from sitting in front of my computer screen.

Near the end of the hike I saw this bright orange bush next to some purple flowers. This is where I thought of my color palate for the week. I thought this was a beautiful spot where life and death collided.

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