Where in the world is Paonia, CO

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Paonia, is about an hour away from Crested Butte and Aspen. In the mountains. It is Beautiful.

Last Friday, I went out to visit Alison Gannett, who is the mastermind behind the Rippin Chix ski and mountain bike camps. This was an adventure in its self to get out there. I thought 4.5 hours was not that bad and I could do it in one day. This was a perfect day to drive. Not a cloud in the sky. I found a cd in my car that was perfect for this drive. Yonder Mountain String Band. Here is a taste of what I was listening to.

The drive is just what I needed. It was SO hot in Denver over the last few days. Although it was only a little cooler in the mountains.

The meeting with Alison was wonderful. We got to talk about the Rippin Chix brand and how we can make the brand a true brand. I also got to take a look at her farm. Some of the cherry trees are the original trees from the 1890’s. The barns were such a beautiful red with blue accents all over the place.

This was on the drive towards Carbondale, CO

On the way back, I decided to drive through Aspen, CO and go over Independence Pass. One thing I noticed on this drive was just how blue the sky was.

This weeks color palate comes from some of the buildings on Alison’s farm along with sky.

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